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shown first at the 1958 annual Geneva Motor Show, which is held in March. for conjecture. This move freed the Fleetwood assembly hall to build more of the Series Sixty-Special, Eldorado Biarritz, and Eldorado Seville models which outsold the Broughams. This color combination was confirmed to me by Pininfarina Those inner body panels that could be shared with the regular Cadillac of course came from the US. Sheet metal was cut and formed on male wooden forms then welded together. Wow, Dean where did you spot this one?! Mouton or nylon carpet could also be ordered. In addition to these features, six-way power seats, power windows & door locks, power trunk release, power steering & brakes, automatic transmission, and an air suspended self-leveling system. In those days, 100,000 miles was viewed as the expected useful life of a car by most people. Please stop wasting my time on this any further, unless you can come up with something much better than this, which actually only disproves your assertion. The only lead (a fair bit) was used on the front clip assembly, and maybe on panel joins like normal cars. Both went from 0-60 mph in 10.5 seconds, 0-100 mph in 29.2 seconds, with a top speed of 122 mph. Or truly beautiful. Mrke Cadillac. Meaning they were hand fabricated. Pininfarina by Philippe Lancksweert, a Ferrari importer in Brussels. The bodywork was sent to Penin Farina Coachworks in Italy as a cost reduction measure. By the early 70s, these were considered junk, and met the same fate as this 57-58 Brougham. XD). published by EPA in France (unfortunately, the EPA book in my collection, published in Barn Finders is much better at portraying the cars, the writers are much better, and the people +1. Your email address will not be published. I wish that Cadillac would have produced something like the Jacqueline, also a Pininfarina design. 452 designation. I particulary like the hat boxes on the rear shelf. carefully avoided acknowledging or denying the rumor. The regular 61 and 62 GM Corporate wind wings and glass were much nicer looking, but since I trained in a 62 Dynamic 88 I guess Im biased. One of which ( Cadillac Jacqueline) shared some styling influence with some Peugeots of the era. in December 2001, "at the hands of" Mr. Couturier, who claimed I knew After 24 months of disassembly, cleaning and returning sub-assemblies back together it's time to start putting the chassis back together. At that time it was said (correctly) to be owned by Irving Willem [aka rsmodell 1959. French auto buff Jean Baptiste Dewever sent me two undated (unfortunately) sketches by Required fields are marked *. Building the 1957 and '58 Broughams on the same line as regular Cadillacs resulted in costly assembly-line slow-downs due to the time-consuming bespoke work lavished on each Brougham. When he found it the car was green on green. Im specifically talking about the exterior panels that are obviously unique to the Brougham. Any new part must be matched against the removed part to make certain that it is identical in shape and size before installation is attempted (!). one I saw in Geneva (that car was on loan from the Pininfarina museum and has Kp Cadillac Eldorado 1959 fr 1 495 000 kr, hos Woc Sales AB i Tumba. . Twice the money for a crest on the hood. These were the days when Cadillac was King! From the website cadillacdatabase: They drank petrol as a sponge absorbs liquid but who cared when the price per gallon was under $.50! company name was changed to Pininfarina (in one word) in 1961 - drew great Standard features include the Autronic Eye that automatically dims high-beams when an oncoming car approaches. It is described also in detail in the Dream version turned up for sale in Hemmings Motor News One such 16-cylinder Cadillac, a 452A Pinin Farina Boattail Roadster, won Best in Class at the 2018 Pebble Beach Concours dElegance. Bid for the chance to own a 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham at auction with Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online. There is a registry on these, with 54 out of the 100 1960 models accounted for. been widely photographed), was NOT his car; he asserted that the Jacqueline shown "funny fins". The irony is so money spent for exclusivity, and the result was that except for real enthusiasts most wouldnt recognize it as anything special. Stunningly beautiful. Also, I have it from Pininfarina that Jacqueline $119,000 1958 Cadillac Brougham Bay City, MI. (color photos: 1958, Pinin Farina, I would see these few auto in New York City where, at the time, we were living in midtown Manhattan, a right place for such a car. were dubbed Jacqueline, If you look at the length of the windshield from bottom to top as well as the different shape of the quarter windows, you will see the differences between the standard production roof line that started in 61 and the 59/60 Eldorado Brougham roof line that initiated the design. convertible model above BOTH are derived from the B&W coupe shown at Geneva in So was this intentionally styled to look like the upcoming 61 models, or was it the other way around, with the 61s designed to look like the 59 Brougham? snapped at the Turin Auto Show, This illustration (left) is drawn from a Pininfarina One of those rare cars that you see once in a lifetime in the wild that will never get put right. Did it find a buyer? Or subscribe without commenting. At least they didnt take pics at night with a flash. Joe ran a repair shop for various Caddies and other cars that largely looked after mechanical work (no body work). If the ad is true, I wonder where the car is now? These special luxury sedans were hand-crafted by Pinin Farina (Pininfarina in 1960) of Italy. "facts". information I had on Jacqueline was mere hearsay and gossip by people who only Garage Corp.operating a parking garage at 8 E. 83rd Street, New York. Pinninfarina did several Cadillac based concepts around this time period also, in an effort to encourage Cadillac into giving them more business. Only 99 copies were built in 1959 and a mere 101 built in 1960 making them ultra-rare today. He was unable to provide the Cadillac chassis number - for this or the next Included here, therefore, are only those I am looking at a photo of a front clip with hardly any paint on it , and it clearly shows where where the lead was on the front guards which proves my theory how the front clip was made is correct. Farina recalled in his memoirs that clients wanted to complicate the lines of automobiles that were already complicated, demanding frills, hardware. Chrome trim is made from brass castings. That means copy the url (web address) and paste it here. Back in 1985 I was at a Cadillac car show with a friend. own power as it had neither engine nor drive-train. The depreciation of a car is always in direct proportion to the reliability and quality of the vehicle. The Italian Cadillacs were individually built and assembled on a stationary production line. That same year, 1961, Battista officially changed his name, and that of the company, to Pininfarina. The majority of the body panels were stamped in America. This was determined during the 1957-1958 Brougham. ad of 1960 (possibly shot at the Paris Salon). 1970 Classifieds in Hemmings Motor News (p.1324). But still; its a beautiful car, extremely rare and there is even a registry for `59-`60 Eldorado Brougham owners, since these unique cars are so scarce. In order to cut cost and speed up the Fleetwood assembly line, their production was expedited by Pinin Farina of Italy. chassis. Italiano (the show of Italian automobile elegance) in Monterey, CA in August They look just like the standard 1960 Cadillacs. 131820 to 67000 isnt 60% depreciation. Required fields are marked *. convertible The Cadillac Crest and wreath attached to the front of this under dash compartment is also incorrect. Right: Henri Chapron logo, Left: unmistakable 1959 Eldorado Brougham [ Background image: Pininfarina archive photo of the Cadillac Jacqueline ]. Upon closer inspection, everything is different, it has a subdued opulence that none of the other 1960 Cadillacs can offer. Needs a few coats of black lacquer paint, but other than that, Im sold. But all of the outer panels are unique, and were hand made at PF in Italy. It had cast iron blocks and heads, hydraulic lifters, and five main bearings. reminiscent of the 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham. Consider Cadillac, which at one time offered mass-market eight- and 12-cylinder models, along with rarefied V-16s cloaked in custom tailoring. Brougham Coachwork: Pininfarina The 200 Cadillac Brougham sedans built in 1960 and 1961 were some of the last examples of the coach-built era. $5,000.00, in a -page ad, is what appears to be the light-colored coupe with the Between 1958 and 1961, the Italian coach-builder Pinin Farina - whose Another money looser for the company. Saw that open below the dash Todd. Tell me, what panel would be made on a male wooden form? 1996-2020, Yann Saunders, DLM Group, and the Cadillac & LaSalle Club Museum and Research Center Inc. Mike Prior to that, it was owned by Herv Willems [aka None of the body panels nor any of the glass could be interchanged with the stock Cadillac models. some six years AFTER publication of the Hemmings ad), he did Its purchase in 60 fulfilled its purpose, and, feathers displayed, surely a 61 Lincoln was already hot off the presses and in the driveway. I am sure even body panels between different cars arent identical. Im bidding 5 figures on the carhave a professional photographer do the shoot for you and maybe it will fetch the $89k! The same high quality fit and finish werent the same as the 1957-1958 Eldorado Brougham from Detroit. The 1959 & 1960 Eldorado Broughams were powered by Cadillac's 390 CID V8 OHV 16-valve pushrod engine. The depreciation of a car is actually always in direct proportion to the free market for cars, and the market does not care much for three year old luxury cars, as their utility value is no better than than a three year old Camry, or less. Have a look at this: It was followed by the Cabriolet Four-Posti, a four-seat convertible with exquisitely clean Italian style, and the 1959 Coupe Four-Posti. Not many even knew it existed because of its rarity. Other distinctive details include cut-down front doors; a low, sloping windshield; louvered panels covering the body frame; cycle fenders; and the elimination of running boards. to the original coupe style and a broad hood scoop was added Geneva in 1958), with the hard-top removed And show the world that sky high fins might be a fun affectation, but were hardly the epitome of good design. They could do the mile @ 83 mph in 17.7 seconds. The 57-58 was unmistakable with the stainless roof and the suicide doors. 1 495 000 kr . beat thinking that this car could be the missing 1959 Eldorado Brougham [#100?] Youd think the Italian Pininfarina design team would have put their collective foot down about that whole picture. above PF The Brougham was now made a Fleetwood sub-series, carrying a Fleetwood chassis with a 130-inch wheel-base, same as all other 1959 Cadillacs exceptlimousines. But maybe that was why the 59-60 sold at a rate only about 1/3 the original. It was only after The assembled operational chassis and internal body structure shared with the standard 1959-60 Cadillac along with ancillary components were crated then shipped to Pinin Farina. () The golden [???] opinion a modified version of the foregoing B&W hardtop coupe; Here is a car people rarely see. The Brougham meant to assert Cadillac at the top of the car-world's pecking order while delivering a good, hard slap to Lincoln and its premium-priced Continental Mk II. By their own admission, GM design chiefs Bill Mitchell and Chuck Jordan continued to be fascinated by with Italian design, visiting Turin often as an unofficial think tank. public relations staff in the mid-seventies. March, 1958. Two of these PF The price of a Brougham was nearly double the price of Cadillacs top-of-the-line Eldorado or Fleetwood. As Paul mentioned, every single part, with the exception of the driveline was completely unique and basically hand made to fit this car, with many items such as the motors that retracted the rear window glass in the door upon entry. It's a 4 door hard top that is #75 of 101 cars (see body tag). in 1970; it was located in New York When panels are pressed with dies, theres always a male and female die; the male one being the primarily convex one, and female being the concave one. Sign up for the latest automotive news and videosin short, everything for people who love cars. website, the pictures are terrible, and the car is magnificent. This car had an interesting Plexiglas top with an ingenious Splendor is the constant companion of the owner of these supremely gracious versions, presenting the completely restyled 1959 & 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham hardtop sedans. They were totally unique.totally intriguing. the Farina factory [Stabilimenti Farina] in 1930, before branching out on his What does a 2017 TL(X) go for, i.e. The The 1959 & 1960 Eldorado Broughams were fully equipped as the other Eldorado models. courtesy Revue Automobile, 1958-59), Image from Pinin Farina ad in Modell Eldorado. Two of the 18 words in this Cadillacs description are new interior, and it appears to be well-done. Series Sixty-Special chassis of 1958 measures 133 inches, obviously it was Become a member to add images to your comments. was the "world's champion" at reporting half-truths. actually sell for, today? On the The text was It of) the coupe(s). They developed a lifelong friendship and working relationship, albeit one that didnt go beyond a few one-offs for Hollywood magnates and movie stars until 1954, when Pinin Farina produced the Cabriolet Speciale, a lightweight roadster. Sign up for our free daily email and youll never miss another find: Original Year End Special: 1980 Chevrolet C-10 Bonanza, BF Auction: 1961 Volkswagen Samba Deluxe 23-Window. he is of French origin; his father operated a print shop in Senlis, south of Paris). Many are junk cars. Are you really so clueless about how car body panels are made? Up front, quad headlights, which were a Pinin Farina staple, bookended a simple egg crate grille. for that year. guards. The latter featured a single-piece curved Plexiglass roof with four articulated metal panels. In 1953, Luigi Chinetti, the well-known New York Ferrari importer, commissioned Four years later, Cadillac introduced the Eldorado Brougham to compete with Lincoln Continental Mark II. Building the 1957 and 58 Broughams on the same line as regular Cadillacs resulted in costly assembly-line slow-downs due to the time-consuming bespoke work lavished on each Brougham. The whole point of having PF build these bodies was because they could do it significantly cheaper than GM could. covers of the second generation Broughams (those assembled in Italy). Jacqueline was for some This 1958 Cadillac ElDorado Brougham, body . Copyright 2011 - 2023 Curbside Classics. Vxellda Automatisk. The special Pininfarina models of 1958 through 1961 are described Can you imagine the depreciation hit the new car buyer took on one of these? who attended both these shows or who actually saw photos of the two Skylight The original El Dorado Brougham was a very attractive design, but it also previewed the design of the '57 and '58 models. Same with the 59; it previewed 60 styling one year early too. While I do agree that the roof line of the 61 was styled after the Italian Brougham design, it is significantly different. Since it was handmade, there was no lead time on tooling and such, so it could be made to look like a 61 one year early. All Rights Reserved. (new)Cadillac Database, "facts" from different sources The writer of the CA article asserted: To pique While Fleetwood is the coachbuilding name most associated with Cadillac and General Motors, it is GM Designs long association with Pininfarina that has had the larger influence. Seams were filled with lead. Each Brougham exhibited a refinement that only hand-crafting could produce. Particularly given how rapidly styles were changing at that time, as Detroit and buyers were eager to leave the excesses of the 1950s in the rear view mirror. turned out to be a lot of b/s. It is very nicely done, although I agree, the restoration took a few liberties with interior and a few other items. Regular Cadillacs were noted for their low depreciation rates in those days. The cowl stamping is the single most complicated and expensive stamping. And that undoubtedly goes for any other inner body stampings that could be used in the Brougham. thus better serve the hobby. Thanks to NotoriousLuxury for some details. The sketches are John, I didnt say it was exact, but you can see the influence in the 61 model. PF hand built most of the front clip and reverse opening bonnet using half front guards from America. It was brought over to Joes for a complete go-over with the idea of a potential restoration. ocie record has end of life or obsolete items, carmine franzese sr,

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